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  • Ph.D.Fungal Biology and Bioinformatics, Maynooth University, Ireland

  • B.Sc.Biology, Maynooth University, Ireland


My research focuses on the use of metaproteomics, as a complementary method to metagenomics, to understand the developmental microbiome (Devome) of mushroom development.


My current work is focused on the use of proteomics to decipher the structure and function of the mushroom casing microbiome and the potential roles of microbial communities in mushroom development and disease suppression.


  • Teagasc Walsh Scholarship, Ireland. 2015 -2019

  • Teagasc Short-Term Overseas Training Scholarship. Jun 12- Sep 29, 2017

  • Irish Fungal Society Journal of Fungi prize. 2018

  • Overall winner of the Teagasc gold medal Walsh Scholarship Award. 2018

  • Genetics Society of America Conference Travel Award. 2019 

  • Microbiology Society Conference Grant. 2019 


O’Connor, E., Doyle, S., Amini, A. and Grogan, H., Fitzpatrick, D., 2021. Transmission of Mushroom Virus X and the impact of virus infection on the transcriptomes and proteomes of different strains of Agaricus bisporus. Fungal Biology.​


Rawlings, A., O’Connor, E., Moody, S., Dudley, E., Fowler, M., Boddy, L., Fitzpatrick, D.A., Doyle, S., Eastwood, D. 2021.  Metabolic responses of two pioneer wood decay fungi to diurnally cycling temperature. Journal of Ecology. 


O’Connor, E., Owens, R., Doyle, S., Amini, A., Grogan, H. and Fitzpatrick, D.A., 2020. Proteomic investigation of interhyphal interactions between strains of Agaricus bisporus. Fungal Biology.


O'Connor, E., Coates, C.J., Eastwood, D.C., Fitzpatrick, D.A. and Grogan, H., 2020. FISHing in fungi: Visualisation of mushroom virus X in the mycelium of Agaricus bisporus by fluorescence in situ hybridisation. Journal of Microbiological Methods, p.105913. 

O’Connor, E., McGowan, J., McCarthy, C.G., Amini, A., Grogan, H. and Fitzpatrick, D.A., 2019. Whole Genome Sequence of the Commercially Relevant Mushroom Strain Agaricus bisporus var. bisporus ARP23. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, 9(10), pp.3057-3066. 


Sipos, G., Prasanna, A.N., Walter, M.C., O'Connor, E., Balint, B., Krizsan, K., Kiss, B., Hess, J., Varga, T., Slot, J., Riley, R., Boka, B., Rigling, D., Barry, K., Lee, J., Mihaltcheva, S., LaButti, K., Lipzen, A., Waldron, R., Moloney, N.M., Sperisen, C., Kredics, L., Vagvolgyi, C., Patrignani, A., Fitzpatrick, D., Nagy, I., Doyle, S., Anderson, J.B., Grigoriev, I.V., Guldener, U., Munsterkotter, M., and Nagy, L.G., 2017. Genome expansion and lineage-specific genetic innovations in the forest pathogenic fungi Armillaria. Nat Ecol Evol 1: 1931-1941. 

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